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Creating the perfect working environment is as much about your mental health as the physical space you need to work in.
To perform at your optimum level, it’s important you feel happy, motivated and productive in your working environment. With the pandemic changing our working habits possibly for the long term, more and more of us have become accustomed to working from home, maybe only needing to go to the office
once a week.
We may be enjoying the benefits of not having to commute but working from home comes with its own issues and distractions. For some working from home has become a major headache. With a lack of space, it can be difficult to set up a work area where you have everything you need close by or take important phone calls from clients in private.
So instead of the stress of trying to set up an office in a small spare room or even worse trying to work from the kitchen table, a garden office could be the perfect work from home solution.
With a garden office you have the benefits from working from home but the separation of going to ‘the office’. No more disturbances and no more distractions – a workspace that’s good for you and your business!