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Cedar Cladding
At Garden Rooms of Bath we want our garden rooms to be built to the highest quality but also to look amazing! This is why we have decided to clad all our garden rooms in Cedar, our standard cladding is British Cedar as we find this works with most people’s budget, but if you prefer, we can clad in Canadian cedar. If there is another type of timber cladding you prefer such as Siberian Larch please let us know at the quote stage
Why choose cedar cladding?
Cedar is a great choice for exterior cladding, it looks great, smells amazing, is durable and can be left untreated! The durability and stability of Cedar is so good that once it is fitted it should last at least 25 years without maintenance. Red Cedar is a remarkably stable and durable wood, that once As Cedar is a natural material and is sustainably grown In the UK and Canada, choosing to clad your garden room in cedar is also good for the environment!

  • Durable
  • Sustainable
  • Beautiful

These are excellent reasons for choosing Cedar cladding!

Types of Cedar cladding
Canadian Western Red Cedar is a premium quality cladding that is virtually knot free and has a very uniform appearance. With a colour palette ranging from darkish red to pale pink and a consistent grain Canadian Cedar is beautiful and stylish in appearance. Canadian Cedar will turn a silvery grey if left untreated. Canadian Cedar is imported directly from Canada and is approximately twice the price of British Cedar, it is also subject to price fluctuations depending on current exchange rates.

British Western Red Cedar has a lighter slight pinkish amber colour and is more knotty in appearance so will give a more rustic look to your garden room. British Cedar will also turn a silvery grey if left untreated, this can take approximately 6-12 months. As British cedar is grown quicker and grown in the UK it is also more environmentally friendly. If price is a factor then British Cedar is a more affordable option, it is approximately half the price of Canadian Cedar, it is an excellent choice and is extremely popular with our clients.

Fitting Cedar cladding – Vertical or Horizontal?
You can choose to have your cedar cladding fitted vertically or horizontally. Vertical cladding gives a more contemporary look and horizontal a more traditional look. Depending on the look you want to achieve You can also choose to have Cedar fascia and soffits.

All of our Cedar cladding is sustainably sourced according to international standards and is FSC and PEFC certified, this means you can be sure that it is responsibly sourced.